Crash Tests


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Mobility in mining: Issues for road safety improvement Genís Mensa lecture 2019
Physiological and psychological capacities in human perception and the implications for hazard perception Bettina Schützhofer lecture 2019
Risks of Accidents with Electric Vehicles Raphael Murri lecture 2019
The FORTIS forensic system and its use in the assessment of traffic accidents Nikita Bobrov lecture 2019
Main Causes for failing in danger recognition and perceptions Ernst Plfeger lecture 2019
Ways to improve professional driver’s training M. Samara lecture 2019
Manipulations in digital tachographs and road safety Krzysztof Nowak lecture 2019
Photogrammetric Documentation of Accident Scene under Adverse Weather Conditions Stanislav Stehel lecture 2019
Evaluation of CDR crash tests Ph.D. Ing. Peter Vertaľ lecture 2019
AEROFLEX PROJECT: Accident Scenario Definition and Simulation for 16+ Ton Trucks Alejandro Longton lecture 2019
How realistic is the Biofidelic Dummy in terms of Reconstruction Parameters and Biomechanics Andreas Schäuble lecture 2019
Research and development of a new biofidelic dummy Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Benjamin Härtel lecture 2019
A novel 3D computational human model for the reconstruction of traffic accidents and its application to experimental frontal-oblique low-velocity impacts Boström K.J. lecture 2019
Motion Analysis of Occupants in Oblique Frontal Collisions - Results of almost 900 experimental impacts Kalthoff W. lecture 2019
The influence of vehicle braking on target vehicle dynamics in low speed rear-end collisions Wood DP lecture 2019
The effect of using residual versus dynamic crush on the accuracy of impact speed simulations Brad Heinrichs lecture 2019
Driver behavior measured by eyetracking, acquisition of biosignals and vehicle data in regular road traffic Kateřina Bucsuházy lecture 2019
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Accident Reconstruction Dr. Andreas MOSER lecture 2019
About New Roles and Needs in the Development and Safeguarding of Futures Automated Driving Functions Dr. Andreas Kuhn lecture 2019
Automated Driving Functions - Safety Potential, Challenges and Solutions from AZT´s Perspective Johann Gwehenberger lecture 2019
Perception-Reaction times of the drivers during the use of Adaptive Cruise Control Ennia Mariapaola Acerra lecture 2019
Vehicle System Forensics for Crash Investigation & Reconstruction Wesley E. Vandiver lecture 2019
Analysis of a frontal crash between two vehicles equipped with EDR and CDR compatible Massimo Dalessi lecture 2019
Reconstruction of a traffic accident by analysis of networked vehicle- and traffic-system-data Peter Stolle lecture 2019
Accident Reconstruction with Vehicle Control History in Toyota Vehicles with Toyota Pre-collision Safety System Ryo Oga lecture 2019
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