Crash Tests
Traffic Accident Research - Berufsbegleitendes Masterprogramm

IMPACT Vol 27 No 3 - Winter 2020

Résumé: ITAI Crash Test and Research Day (Link)

ITAI Crash Day 2019

Proceedings 27th EVU-Congress 2018 Dubrovnik Croatia

Usage of point cloud in PC Crash for insurance fraud case

Accident Reconstruction with Data Recorded by Electronic Control Units in Toyota Vehicles with a Pre-Collision System

Comparing "of the shelf" equipment for informative version of ISA

Identification of the make, model and year of production of the car by comparing the IR spectra of color layers to the I...

Is there a need for a psychological re-testing in accident reconstructions to determine realistic driver response times ...

Using a 3D Point Cloud in the Analysis of CCTV Footage

Big Data Analysis – Combining GPS with Traffic Signal Data Logger Records

Investigating accidents involving highly automated vehicles: Concept of a data trustee and data model for future homolog...

Uncertainties of speed calculations when retrieving data from EDR and Error Codes (DTCs) after crash events

Evaluation of BMW’s central fault memory as a source for accident data

Comparing On-Vehicle Speed with UDS and GPS Data and Analyzing Latency Times

Evaluation of CDR crash tests

Analysis of simulated accident, example of insurance fraud in Romania

Rockfall Damages

The usage of police recorded accident data for fraud identification

Evaluation of dash cams as proof of fraudulent loss events

Reconstruction of damage events suspected of manipulation with alleged involvement of animals

The UK’s biggest Insurance Fraud Investigation

Manipulation of electronic vehicle systems