Crash Tests


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Rating of Parking Assistants Berthold Färber 2017
FAPS- Fraunhofer-IVI-Accident Prevention-School A new method to increase the overall traffic safety by using real accident data and expert evidence Christian T. Erbsmehl lecture 2016
Children car seats – legal implications of a use / miss use due to a car accident Miri Schiller lecture 2016
Use of MEMS sensors for data acquisition in crash tests Dragoş Sorin Dima lecture 2016
Traffic accidents on junctions controlled by traffic lights Igor Dirnbach lecture 2016
Preventing accidents between right turning lorries and unprotected road users Fabian Hayo lecture 2016
Crash Behaviour and the Accuracy of EDR Recording Stefan Zuber lecture 2016
Influence of bad balancing front wheel on steering system and car body vibrations Robert Janczur lecture 2016
Deceleration of current generation of road vehicles during intensive braking and conditionality of accident quantities with respect to this parameter Pavol Kohút lecture 2016
Dynamic Response in Low Speed Rear Impacts and Inferences for Injury Potential Denis P. Wood lecture 2016
Finding the reasons of wrong-way driving through gaze analyses Ernst Pfleger lecture 2016
Photogrammetry-Based Models of Accident Sites Zdeněk Svatý lecture 2016
Exploiting image-based colorization of point-clouds in vehicle accident reconstruction: methodologies and reliability Andrea Del Cesta lecture 2016
The detection of the presence of pedestrians in blind spot of truck drivers Aleksander Kuranowski lecture 2016
Effects Of High Voltage Electric For The Vehicle Aleksander Kuranowski lecture 2016
Analytical determination of threat detection points at cross traffic and peripheral objects Matthias Schmidt lecture 2016
Indeterminate results of time-distance calculations and their statistical interpretation Wojciech Wach lecture 2016
Numerical Methods for Vulnerable Road Users Safety Enhancement Mariusz Ptak lecture 2016
Pedestrian Injuries as a Parameter for Impact Velocity Estimation in Car - Pedestrian Accidents 0 Eduard Kolla lecture 2016
Validation der Finite Elemente Modelle der Fahrzeuge bei PC-Crash 11.0 Andreas Moser lecture 2016
Reboundfaktorverfahren Manfred Becke lecture 2016
Rekonstruktion von Abgleitkollisionen durch Berechung mit Partialkollisionen Werner Gratzer lecture 2016
Enträtselung des VAG Crash-Aufzeichners Aart Spek lecture 2016
Einsatz der EDR bei der Rekonstruktion eines realen Unfalls: Datenvalidierung, Datenverwendung und Datenvergleich in Bezug auf den Ansatz von PC-Crash Ing. Mattia Sillo lecture 2016
Bewertung der gängigen Praxis der Geschwindigkeitsberechnung anhand der vom EDR gemeldeten Motordrehzahl Karlon Hagendoorn lecture 2016
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