Crash Tests


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Influence of Driver Assistance Systems on Insurance Claims Johann Gwehenberger, Marcel Borrack lecture 2015
Simulation of active safety systems (ADAS) in PC-Crash Andreas Moser, Hermann Steffan lecture 2015
2015 EVU Congress Edinburgh - Presentations 2015
Analysis of the UNECE and EU Regulations regarding Type Approval and Tyre Label with Wet Grip Classes E and F. Prof. Dr. Sigmar Micke
Invest. of ESC-interventions during braking and skidding processes, skid marks and signal manip. Ingo Holtkötter lecture 2015
Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB): Fitment, Performance,and Implications for Accident Investigation Iain Knight, Matthew Avery lecture 2015
Road Safety Targets of the European Union Antonio Avenoso lecture 2015
European Safety Award for Commercial Vehicles Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Zürn 2015
Gefahren oder gestanden Klaus-Dieter Brösdorf, Marco Görtz lecture 2014
Automated crash computation of passenger car accidents based on the GIDAS database Wagner, M. lecture 2014
Photogrammetry 3D vehicle reconstruction for energy loss evaluation Vangi, D. lecture 2014
Pedestrian Impact on Low Friction Surface Sullenberger, G. lecture 2014
Development of an underride prevention system for articulated lorry trailers compatible with both... Schimmelpfennig, P. lecture 2014
Event Data Recorder – Definition, General Status, Requirements, Benefit/Cost Assessment Petersen, E. lecture 2014
Road safety enhancing Driver Assistance Systems for commercial vehicles – from the aspect of... Petersen, E. lecture 2014
Establishing the pedestrian’s speed or movement using the interpretation of impact marks remained... Paduraru, G. lecture 2014
The effect of highway shoulders on the involvement of trucks and buses in road accidents Netzer, J. lecture 2014
New development of front and rear ends of actual cars Murri, R. lecture 2014
The new multibody model in PC-Crash – Simulation and validation of single track vehicles Moser, A. lecture 2014
A manufacturer's analysis of accidents involving com. vehicles and the insights derived from that Morschheuser, K. lecture 2014
Influence of HGV-mirrors‘ curvature on drivers‘ response-time Leser, H. lecture 2014
Comparative traffic safety study of the tunnel niche wall protection by means of SSR Kunc, R. lecture 2014
Lkw-Pkw Auffahr Crashtest mit Hochgeschwindigkeit Kőfalvi, G. lecture 2014
(Event-) Data recording in commercial trailers Katzer, M. lecture 2014
Smart Digital Tachograph Kast, A. lecture 2014
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