Crash Tests
Vehicle speed loss during impact obstacle

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Electronic data in crashed vehicles

Impact of headlight cloudiness on pedestrian detection

Vorträge 27. EVU-Kongress 2018 Dubrovnik Kroatien

Research regarding the pedestrian speed of individuals over the age of 60 years

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IMPACT Vol 26 No 2 - Autumn 2018

20th Evening Seminar EVU Austria

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Competencies of Road accident experts

Implementation of vehicle movement tests in simulation software and its application in accident analysis

Photometric investigation using a standard digital camera-Comparative studies on accuracy

Pedestrian Detection with Halogen, Xenon and LED Headlights: The Light Scattering Effect

Collaborative study on the estimation of EES-values

Study of energy absorbed by bicycles in frontal collisions at speeds of 20 to 35 km/h