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European Association for Accident Research and Analysis



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vortraege-edinburg-2015-onlineThe presentations of the 24. EVU-Congress 2015 in Edinburgh are now online and can be downloaded as PDF by EVU-Members.
ls-dyna-and-pc-crash-finite-element-simulations-of-3-vehicle-types-lateral-side-impacts-into-polesA range of Finite Element simulated pole impact tests at various speeds (10km/h to 80km/h, in 10km/h increments) and impact angles (45⁰, 90⁰ and 120⁰)...
eins-v-lsdyna-fd-vorhers-d-verh-v-fahrzeugrueckhaltesystemen-nuetzl-ergaenzung-fuer-pc-crashThe object of this paper is to briefly illustrate the value of numerical simulation to improve the development, the certification and the installation of...
erprobung-von-leitplanken-erkenntnisse-fuer-die-unfallanalyse Defensive devices at the roadside of steel and concrete serve to make road traffic safer. These safety systems prevent vehicles straying from the road,...
The presentation will introduce the audience to the various national security threats from hostile vehicles and then illustrate the protective security...

Welcome to the website of the European Association for Accident Research and Analysis

The EVU is a pan-European association of experts in the field of accident research and reconstruction. With this website, the EVU aims to pool the expertise of the various professionals in this field, as well as to provide its members with an online ‘knowledge base‘.

What are the aims and objectives of the EVU?

  • improvement of the basic principles and the methodology of accident analysis
  • carrying out of projects in the area of accident research
  • improvement of the exchange of expert knowledge across Europe

What are we providing on this site?

  • extensive database containing articles written by experts, books, work sheets, programmes and excel sheets
  • library of crash tests with sophisticated search options
  • calendar of events
  • searchable directory of experts and organisations
  • links to subject-related issues
  • information on the individual EVU Country Groups

In order to gain full access to the site’s contents and functionality, please register yourself with a username and password.

EVU-Logo 48x48 Get a more detailed overview over the EVU in this document.

How to become an EVU-member

ring-of-people-earth - mPlease contact the country group of your country if you want to become a member of the EVU.

The contact details of your country group can be found here.

However, if there is no country group for your country or you have further questions please contact us directly.


Dr. Christian Wiehen Honored with European Commercial Vehicle Safety Award

Dr. Christian Wiehen is honored with the European Commercial Vehicle Safety Award for his lifetime achievement. The award is presented at the 2016 annual congress of the European Association for Accident Research and Analysis (EVU) in Bratislava.


PI Wiehen

Download this file (Vehicle Safety Award 2016 de.pdf)Vehicle Safety Award 2016 de.pdf[ ]Headquarters938 Kb
Download this file (Vehicle Safety Award 2016 en.pdf)Vehicle Safety Award 2016 en.pdf[ ]Headquarters874 Kb